Hi Rick,
> I'm now trying 5.4.26 as kind of the last option. However, I don't
> know, yet, if the problem still persists or not.

The problem is the same on 5.4.26 and I now know that vuserinfo is
obviously not the problem. The usage vuserinfo gives me is actually the
one it calculates from maildirsize. The problem is that maildirsize has
obviously not been updated. I checked one email account that had only
one email in "new" but listed many emails in maildirsize. As this
mail domain is serviced only by vdelivermail, I don't see how this
could happen if vdelivermail properly updated the maildirsize. Deleting
the maildirsize and running a vuserinfo to recreate the file, fixes the
usage shown.

BTW, is there a bug tracker for vpopmail? I couldn't find any other
than the SF one which doesn't seem to be used too much (only one
bug in the list is assigned).



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