Has this ever worked?
How did you compile vpopmail?
Are you using something other than netqmail, like chkusr patch?
..and I hope you did not mean vpopmail 5.4.2 but 5.4.(24|25|26)

On 06/07/08 05:14:16, kalin m wrote:
hi all...

i can figure why this is not working....

i have vpopmail installed and as far as adding domains and users it works fine. all the files under qmail/control are edited - virtualdomains, rcpthosts - but after restart and sending mail to the machine the log says:

delivery 271: failure: Sorry,_no_mailbox_here_by_that_name._ (#5.1.1)

i can figure why... it's a brand new install... netqmail-1.06 vpopmail-5.4.2

where do i look?



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