On 26/08/08 13:29:35, Manvendra wrote:
On Tue, Aug 26, 2008 at 5:00 AM, Quey <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On 24/08/08 21:10:54, Manvendra Bhangui wrote:
>> I am currently working on a generic PAM module which will allow
>> Server's PAM authentication module to authenticate using
> Oh great, bring PAM into it and introduce far more security risks,

If you are the subject matter expert on PAM or writing PAM modules,
let me know. It will be constructive that way, If you can enlighten
on how security risks get introduced just by the virtue of writing a
PAM module. Making generalized statements do not help.

Do your own homework, hint: there is a reason some distros do not include PAM for very good reasons, and it aint'coz they wana be different' I dont have the time to give you a 50 page lesson on the risks of using it.

> Have you asked inter7 if you can spam this list with your
advertising? I
> note the Qmail list has berated you for this as well.

Rather the other way. I have got queries from users on how to solve

The point is, this is a mailing list for VPopMail, nothing else! Unless you have obtained prior permission from the list maintainers (inter7) for advertising ANYTHING on THEIR list, in which case it usually follows with a disclaimer that it is posted with permission from the maintainers of <insert_list>.

The maintainers here have been very strict and clear that nothing else should be discussed but vpopmail, and that's fair enough, anything related to other products thereby = spam, and you risk being treated like such, that includes the risk of RBL entries.

Sicen you write/alter (what kind of looks rather ramiliar old software) foir courier, it is best suited to the Courier list, again, providing Sam gives you authority to post such adverts there.


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