Top posting, as in "firing for effect".

Holy Smokes people, did this become the qmail list overnight? Tom Collins is one of the nicest most helpful people on this list and he has contributed immensely to vpopmail. I for one deeply value his opinion.

I do not see inter7 asking for the topic to go away, and I have never seen an "approval" procedure with inter7 for any topic.

Can we get back to figuring out how the dir_control system works now?


Quey wrote:

On 27/08/08 14:03:38, Tom Collins wrote:
On Aug 25, 2008, at 9:08 PM, Quey wrote:
Do your own homework, hint: there is a reason some distros do not include PAM for very good reasons, and it aint'coz they wana be different' I dont have the time to give you a 50 page lesson on the risks of using it.

Translation: I read a headline on digg/reddit/Slashdot/kuro5hin that PAM is insecure. I didn't really understand the article, but I'll act like a security expert and throw my weight around on mailing lists.

Actually I dont read any of them, I have far better things to do then read a bunch of whiners posts, half those participants probably see low flying black helicopters every night

You have no Idea on my credentials, those who know me, know them, my CEO knows them, the fact you don't doesnt surprise, nor bother me in the least.

And I think i'd agree with, oh I dunno, lets say Patrick Volkerding for one, over some twat like you who wants to make out, nobody who has a clue has ever said PAM can be very detrimental.

, this is a mailing list for VPopMail, nothing else!
Unless you have obtained prior permission from the list maintainers (inter7) for advertising ANYTHING on THEIR list, in which case it usually follows with a disclaimer that it is posted with permission from the maintainers of <insert_list>.

The point is, this is of interest to vpopmail users that need a replacement auth module for recent versions of Courier-IMAP.

Thats entirely fine so long as inter7 have approved it, if not, it is akin to spamming, regardless of what it is, and if it persists with no approval, his address may be entered into one of reputable RBL's

I wont bother responding to the trest of your diatribe, as your just trolling, your one of the immaterial scum of the net, I gonre your types every day, and now i've replied to you, I dont have a need to continue with you any further, since you;ve displayed incredible lack of anything.

be gone troll

Don't tell me I'm driving the cart!


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