On Wed, Aug 27, 2008 at 9:33 AM, Tom Collins <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> The point is, this is of interest to vpopmail users that need a replacement
> auth module for recent versions of Courier-IMAP.
I appreciate the spirit. I recently wrote a patch for libnss-mysql
which already enables vpopmail user
to authenticate against vpopmail table. But it doesn't take care of
inserting entries into the relay table and the lastauth table. The
purpose of writing the PAM module is to enable that too.

My pam module is almost ready. It would help any vpopmail user who
wants to use courier imap or any IMAP server which has a PAM module
but does not have a module for vpopmail authentication.

It uses configurable SQL string to authenticate against vpopmail table
"select pw_passwd from vpopmail where pw_name='%u' and pw_domain='%D'"
After successful authentication, i am debating to run a configurable
command which can do stuff
like "insert entry into relay table, lastauth table" or to dlopen a
function which will do this. To me doing a dlopen() looks like a
better way. So suggestions are welcome as I have still not done the
pros and cons.

I have written the functions pam_sm_authenticate() which can call
1. Any MySQL command using MySQL API mysql_query()
2. Any command (the command should return the encrypted passwd)
3. A function called vauthenticate() by using dlopen(). The end user
should supply a library
   called vauthenticate.so having a function vauthenticate(user, domain)

and pam_sm_chauthtok() is almost getting ready. pam_sm_chauthtok will
also have the same
logic like above

Both the programs above will do setuid(id_of_vpopmail) in case the
root user runs it. This will
minimize potential damage that could be caused by any bug. The other
things I am already doing to minimize buffer overflow problems like
using snprintf instead of sprintf, strncpy instead of strcpy, etc.

My goal is to have the /usr/bin/passwd change the passwd of vpopmail
users and have any IMAP/POP3 server have a PAM module to be able to
use vpopmail without writing a single
code. I can do with some ideas/help/suggestions from this list and
will try my best to put this module as soon as possible.

Regards Manvendra


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