Hi Tonino,

not really understand ... please you tell me where to set the auth smtp or disable the default allowed relay ?

thank you


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You must be sure your smtp server does not allow internals to relay.
Probably you must disable default allowed relay for internals and set up
auth smtp.



Kenny Lee ha scritto:

after i set vmoduser -r [EMAIL PROTECTED] ... i tried to use that email
address to send out the mail to external like yahoo.com ... and i able
to receive the mail from [EMAIL PROTECTED] ...

below is the user info ...

name: user
passwd: $1$UgK2UGPp$QVYOCBRM5zrY4iHRHI/ZD0
clear passwd:
comment/gecos: user
uid: 1
gid: 32
flags: 32
gecos: user
user not allowed to relay mail
dir: /home/vpopmail/domains/example.com/user
quota: NOQUOTA
usage: NOQUOTA
last auth: Fri Aug 29 09:03:46 2008
last auth ip: imap

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On Thu, 2008-08-28 at 14:31 +0800, Kenny Lee wrote:
Internal group: which mean that those user set in this group can
send mail
to example.com's users only.

vmoduser -r [EMAIL PROTECTED]

sets no external relay flag - which means the user should not be able to
send mails to external domains. However this needs to be done for each
user. I am not sure if there is a concept of groups in vpopmail.

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