On Oct 22, 2008, at 9:42 AM, Paul Oehler wrote:
Thanks for the suggestion Ken. I finally got around to testing this, and unfortunatly the vchkpw segfaults continue even after recompiling without any compiler optimization flags.

The error in the messages log looks like this:

kernel: vchkpw[7073]: segfault at ffffffffffffffb8 rip 000000000047e84c rsp 00007ffff8eaf898 error 6

Anybody have any tips on how to debug this further?

Grep the changelog of the latest vpopmail for "64". I think we made some changes after 5.4.9 that fixed segfaults on some 64-bit platforms.

I also recall a compiler option like -fPIC getting used at some point.

Sorry I don't have time to research further. Hope this is enough info to point you in the right direction.



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