On Wed, 2009-03-11 at 11:27 -0500, Matt Brookings wrote:
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> Rick Widmer wrote:
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> > Rick Romero wrote:
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> >> I was considering changing vdelivermail to have a stdout option, where
> >> you could pipe from vdelivermail to Dovecot's deliver for 'final'
> >> delivery instead of direct to Maildir within your .qmail-default file.
> >> That 'should' allow everything else to occur normally, but get those
> >> indexes updated as well.  I think just 'HOME' needs to be exported, but
> >> I haven't tested it yet.
> > 
> > I know there are a few people around who would like to see that happen.
> I'm not really familiar with Dovecot's delivery processes.  Does anyone have
> links to documentation they can provide that would indicate how vdelivermail
> should execute a Dovecot delivery process?

According to the Wiki, it's supposed to be implemented as such:

Add the -d parameter to specify the destination username: 

|/var/qmail/bin/preline -f /usr/local/libexec/dovecot/deliver -d $...@$user

But the 'core' LDA Wiki shows that to deliver WITHOUT doing a lookup (because 
we already know where it will be delivered), you can do:

HOME=/path/to/user/homedir deliver -f $FROM_ENVELOPE

What I was going to test (and just haven't gotten around to it) is what '-f' is 
for.  If it's for bounces, then we can essentially ignore it as long as deliver 
doesn't complain.
Then all vdelivermail would need to do is set the HOME environment variable, 
and pipe the message to deliver.



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