Roberto ha scritto:
Hi James,
what version of netqmail are you using?
does anybody knows if chkuser is compatible with 1.06?


James Cox ha scritto:
I've had it running for a few hours, and have this:

      1 CHKUSER rejected relaying
      5 CHKUSER accepted any rcpt
     28 CHKUSER relaying rcpt
    362 CHKUSER accepted rcpt
   1719 CHKUSER rejected rcpt
   1758 CHKUSER accepted sender

and... in my defines...
neither of those two are enabled.

version 2.0.9 for me.


Problem should be the auth patch which breaks the output.
In the past other people with other auth patches complained. They passed to the one contained in Shupp's Toaster (the unique one I've checked) and all problems went away.
As alternative, should try to disable logs.



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