James Cox wrote:

On 10 Jun 2009, at 18:02, Tonix (Antonio Nati) wrote:

Roberto ha scritto:
Hi James,
what version of netqmail are you using?
does anybody knows if chkuser is compatible with 1.06?

Problem should be the auth patch which breaks the output.
In the past other people with other auth patches complained. They passed to the one contained in Shupp's Toaster (the unique one I've checked) and all problems went away.
As alternative, should try to disable logs.

So, versions-

I've got - netqmail 1.06
- smtp auth 1.03 from http://members.elysium.pl/brush/qmail-smtpd-auth/
- chkuser 2.0.9 i tried looking at the toaster, but it is patched against a different netqmail - 1.05?

wasn't sure if i should look to back out that patch and rebuild qmail..


Bill's qmail-toaster-0.9.1.patch.bz2 applies cleanly and makes cleanly against netqmail 1.06. I just tested that.

I didn't install it how ever.




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