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Christopher Chan wrote:
>> What I do see is a need for vpopmail to be able to give 'deliver' any
>> data it needs to do its job (for instance maildir or mailbox,
>> destination location, etc). At some point vpopmail might also include
>> providing SIEVE filtering rules.

I've often thought that vpopmail needed some sort of delivery script.
I liked some of maildrop, but it's too bloated to be incorporated
as is.

> If vpopmail can take things a bit beyond just say single system user and
> perhaps be able to handle 1) multi system user virtual domains and 2)

It does handle multiple system users.  It requires one core user.  You
can add domains and users to other user ids.

vadddomain accepts -d, -i, and -g, all of which can be used to relocate
a domain's directory, and re-assign it's UID and GID.

> massive multi system user management with an appropriate backend like
> pgsql, then I hope there is incentive for the dovecot guys to keep their
> relationship with vpopmail and not try to come up with their own
> management module.

vpopmail has a PostgreSQL module, as well as a MySQL module, and the
somewhat outdated, but probably still functional, Sybase and Oracle modules.

> Right now, postfix + dovecot + vpopmail looks pretty neat without
> getting too many different libraries/frameworks involved. If this can be
> taken a step further...

I think adding specific support for external LDAs is easy enough to implement.
As far as libraries, we could probably use EPS in support of any delivery
script mechanism.
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