Matt Brookings wrote:
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Christopher Chan wrote:
Right now I can use either maildrop or dovecot's lda with postfix. No
injecting into a qmail queue for final delivery into the vpopmail mail
store. Are you saying you would like a vpopmail lda for postfix?
Something that supports dot-qmail rather than whatever maildrop or
dovecot provides?

I'm not specifically saying anything.  I was more interested in what others 
and was paving the way by saying that we have no objections.

Do you have any objections you'd like to discuss?

Nope. I have no objections at all to vpopmail getting a lda for postfix and can do things dot-qmail like. After all, you won't get that with maildrop or dovecot's lda. I would just like to point out, however, that if one goes the dovecot lda route, they get to benefit from the SIEVE support that dovecot has as an addon. If you are going to create your own lda for postfix, you might want to also consider whether you want to keep things as they are with respects to rule generation (currently web-based only? been a while...) or whether you want to try to get SIEVE support by providing an interface for pop3/imap4 solutions or something...


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