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I would like to see some discussion about this as well. I think that examining the role of vpopmail in today's email landscape has merit. I'm not intimately familiar with vpopmail's history, but I have used it a bit as part of the qmail-toaster (see

vpopmail has potential beyond just email.

I agree. Would you care to elaborate some about this?

It might be useful to start with what vpopmail is not. It's not an MTA, an MDA, nor MSA (submission), although it interfaces with all of them. In my mind, vpopmail is an authentication store, which handles mail related data in support of virtual domains and users. Sort of a Mail Authentication Agent. It handles all of the data related to implementing virtual email services (domains and users), although it doesn't handle an email itself. It also provides APIs/interfaces for the various other Mail Agents (MTAs, MDAs, etc), so that they can obtain the data they need to operate according to the data stored in vpopmail. Perhaps vdommail or simply vmail would have been a more appropriate name. I kinda like the former as vdom rhymes with freedom.

vmail is taken i believe...Bruce Guenter's multi system user virtual domain solution whereas vpopmail started out as a single system user virtual domain solution

I figured vmail was probably taken. I'm not familiar with it, also I should check it out.

How's this for starters?

In the future (months), I would like to see qmailadmin and vqadmin consolidated into a single package in support of vpopmail. I don't see any purpose in having 2 separate web applications.

Longer term (years), I'd like to see vpopmail interface with a FreeIPA back end server.

Funny that, some time ago I was thinking of the possibility of tying things into the mysql (or whatever database vpopmail handles like pgsql - pgsql support is as current as mysql support now right?) vpopmail samba, apache...but yours is slightly different. I noticed all the columns that are passwd structure based that were not quite having their full potential being used.

Tying these various authentication mechanisms together is a worthy objective, regardless of the implementation software (mysql vs pgsql vs ldap). The difficulty in any case is to merge the various schemas together. I believe that ldap has the best chance of accomplishing this, because of the 'standard' schemas that are available for it, and due to its nature as a directory vs a database. LDAP is simply a better fit for this type of application than a database (see

I also think that FreeIPA has the potential to become the defacto standard in this area. Making vpopmail able to co-operate/interface with FreeIPA could very well extend the lifetime of applications that rely on the vpopmail authentication mechanism. It might be feasible to develop a vpopmail plugin for FreeIPA at some point (possibly even now). I know that FreeIPA has a modular architecture such as this, but haven't yet looked at it in any detail.

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