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Christopher Chan wrote:
> Eric Shubert wrote:
>> Tying these various authentication mechanisms together is a worthy
>> objective, regardless of the implementation software (mysql vs pgsql
>> vs ldap). The difficulty in any case is to merge the various schemas
>> together. I believe that ldap has the best chance of accomplishing
>> this, because of the 'standard' schemas that are available for it, and
>> due to its nature as a directory vs a database. LDAP is simply a
>> better fit for this type of application than a database (see
>> http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin24/intro.html#LDAP%20vs%20RDBMS).
> I think the passwd based schema in place looks pretty good.

Agreed.  The passwd-based schema is pretty nice, and it's easily mapped
to from other schemas.

Regarding LDAP, I've been retooling the LDAP module for the 5.5 stable
release.  As I've probably said a few times in the past, I've been registering
OIDs for the vpopmail schema.

>> I also think that FreeIPA has the potential to become the defacto
>> standard in this area. Making vpopmail able to co-operate/interface
>> with FreeIPA could very well extend the lifetime of applications that
>> rely on the vpopmail authentication mechanism. It might be feasible to
>> develop a vpopmail plugin for FreeIPA at some point (possibly even
>> now). I know that FreeIPA has a modular architecture such as this, but
>> haven't yet looked at it in any detail.
> I have not had a good look at FreeIPA yet so no comment.

Quick glances indicate that FreeIPA is a sort of authentication backend
with rules.  I don't see why this couldn't be supported, but like Christopher
said, I'm not very familiar with FreeIPA, so I'm not sure about it's position
to be the standard.

Please excuse my obvious intrusion into the middle of this thread with replies
to multiple people :)
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