First of, I have not made any changes whatsoever to the codebase. I merely had 
a peek at the code to study it's inner workings due to this problem - and that 
was just looking at at the vpopmail source code, nothing else. I followed the 
instructions very carefully, and as I've said before, it works perfectly fine 
if -u is not used.
I've looked at the logs I could find, but the error 'Permission denied" is very 
cryptic - not giving me any clue as to where it's breaking down.
To answer you questions:
1. SELinux is disabled - I took that measure early on.2. Excuse my ignorance, 
but I don't know what you mean by 'any security restrictions placed on setuid'. 
Personally I don't think so, but I am more than happy to check if tell me 
where.3. As far as I can tell the assign values are correct: to 
confirm: [r...@vmfc12 install]# id mike4uid=516(mike4) gid=516(mike4) 
groups=516(mike4),502(vchkpw)4. As far as I can tell the cdb file is updated.
I've checked the documentation pretty closely and there's no specific 
instructions for when using -u option, i.e. configuring special permissions, 
etc - so I believe I've followed the instructions to the letter.
Checking the logs:- /var/log/maillog: no qmail error messages- 
/var/log/messages:  no qmail error messages- ./qmail-send/current: the only log 
with the cryptic "Permission denied" message
I admit I am no qmail expert, or linux guru, but I do think I am more than 
reasonably competent with installing linux, applications, etc. All I need is 
some pointers as to where to look, cause I've exhausted all I could think of.
Furthermore, having followed the instructions to the letter, I would expect it 
to simply work - unless there's something silly I've missed (or perhaps 
undocumented). If other people have -u to work perhaps they can shed some light 
on whether they had to take special steps to make it work. 
> Date: Thu, 3 Dec 2009 16:00:23 -0600
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> Subject: Re: [vchkpw] vdeliver perimission denied for vadddomain -u
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> Michael Mussulis wrote:
> > It looks like I am talking partly nonsense, apologies for that. I've had
> > another stab at the code, and it looks like the sql insert command
> > statement has gid hardcoded to '0', and uid is the 'apop' value - which
> > from what I gather (correct me if I am wrong), only works in clear text
> > mode. So since I've disabled clear text, I am assuming the value is
> > truncated to '0'; which makes me wonder - is this by design?
> > 
> > Also, if I am not wrong (and would appreciate confirmation), these
> > values have no baring on vdelivermail - although I found they are
> > critical for Dovecot IMAP authentication.
> Michael, part of the problem is that you're making modifications
> to the source of your system without really understanding how it all works
> together.  This makes it very difficult for us to have any confidence in the
> fact that you're running on the same code base we are.
> > Which brings me back to the question - what purpose do they serve in the
> > first place?
> When the vqpasswd structure was defined, it was modeled after the 
> passwd-related
> functions such that everyone would be familiar with it's syntax.
> Since then the pw_gid field has been updated to store user flags, and the 
> pw_uid
> flag is *mostly* ignored and just passed around as it stands by the various 
> parts
> of the API.  Although the pw_uid portion remains unused for the most part, it
> is still considered reserved, and should not be modified.
> > So I am back to square one. I still have no clue which permission is
> > affecting the delivery of mail for user specified domain. Please
> > someone, any ideas where else I could look?
> As I said, it's tough to determine why you're having this problem.  There
> could be any number of issues.  Do you have any kind of security restrictions
> placed on setuid?  Do you have SELinux, or any of the other many low-level
> system restrictions running?
> Are you running qmail-start under a restricted environment?
> Are the uid:gid values in /var/qmail/users/assign correct?  Is the cdb
> file updated?  Run /var/qmail/bin/qmail-newu.
> Check system logs for errors, etc, etc.
> There are *so many* different things that could be wrong, if you can't figure 
> it
> out, you may want to consider purchasing technical support.
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