I've been given the job of migrating one of our existing Vpopmail servers
accross to a new machine. I have successfully installed the latest version
of Vpopmail on the new machine, but I have some questions about the next
part of the migration. The current server has just under 5000 domains and
subdomains and each of those has about 3-4 users each.

What is the process for migrating from one Vpopmail install to another? Can
I just recursively copy accross all of the files under
'/home/vpopmail/domains'? And if so, is there some command I have to run
after the copy accross to re-index the directories or Maildirs? The
authentication system used is just the default 'CDB' file format on both of
the servers.

Another, related question is that I'm trying to find out the version of the
Vpopmail that is installed on the old server, but am having some trouble.
I've tried running some of the programs under the '/home/vpopmail/bin'
directory with the '-v' and '--version' flags, but was unable to get a
version number.

Thank you

Srđan Đukić


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