This is a new install of qmail; vpopmail etc.  vQregister was installed
after vpopmail; and has been recompiled a couple of times.

Other ideas?

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On 6/10/2011 4:11 PM, Mark Dennis wrote:
> When using vadduser from command line, it creates the user folders and
> copies everything from the skel folder (Maildir; mailfilter; .qmail) to
> the user folder; but when a user is created from the vqregister cgi only
> the Maildir is copied.
> The vpopmail.c file includes the line:  ret = vadduser(user, domain,
> password, fname, USE_POP);
> Which I was hoping implies that vqregister uses vpopmail's vadduser to
> create users and would act the same.
> Could someone explain the difference and/or how to get the same result
> from vqregister?

It's likely your vpopmail version is newer (including the onchange
functionality to implement a skel) than the version that was used to
compile vQregister.  vpopmail 5.4 and below produce only static
libraries.  If you upgrade vpopmail, you need to recompile any programs
that you want to benefit from the upgrade.

Try recompiling vQregister and see if that fixes the problem.
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