I wonder too, why OSX? The only thing I can think of is perhaps you have an older MacMini laying around that you'd like to use. That's certainly usable for something such as this, but I wouldn't recommend running a server w/out some sort of raid (I prefer the SW variety).

Disclaimer: I've recently taken charge of the QMail-Toaster.com project, so I'm a bit biased. ;)

If you're really bent on OSX, you could run a QMT mail server as a VM under whichever virtualization platform you prefer. Migrating your existing setup to QMT should be fairly easy, depending on your vpopmail settings. QMT has a slew of qmail patches applied, and I'm presently upgrading vpopmail to 5.4.33 (long awaited), which will bring all of the QMT packages current with upstream releases. There is a large community behind QMT, so you won't need to look far for helpful support.

QMT is presently only available on CentOS/RHEL, so that might be a drawback to you. If you're familiar with packaging though, you might want to roll your own for whatever distro you choose. We hope to have the sources available on GitHub by the end of the year, and will be using OBS to build the packages.

You're welcome to join us in our endeavors.

-Eric 'shubes'

On 08/02/2012 06:53 PM, Remo Mattei wrote:
Why running a Mac since they stop the server now? I would use a Linux box I can 
share my configuration when I get home my 2 cents

Inviato da iPhone ()

Il giorno 02/ago/2012, alle ore 17:47, Kurt Bigler <k...@breathsense.com> ha 

I run a small server currently with

    qmail-1.03 + qmailadmin 1.2.8 + vpopmail 5.4.10

qmail-1.03 has the chkuser patch applied (not a recent version).  Although
it did not help my problem I also just applied Christopher K. Davis qmail
patch (to qmail-smtpd only) because I hoped it would resolve a "CNAME lookup
failed temporarily" problem.

In any case I am thinking that I should probably upgrade thinking it might
solve problems I haven't even run into yet, and perhaps apply more patches
to qmail, and I wonder if anyone has any opinions about packaged
combinations of qmail+vpopmail with good sets of patches for use on a small
server that is currently FreeBSD that I would like to move to MacOSX in
several months.  I see there is now a "toaster" that includes vpopmail,
which if memory serves did not exist several years ago.  I'd like to get
SMTP auth in the process.  So in short I'd like to upgrade to achieve better
reliability and security, and facilitate support.

I also have a custom patch to vdelivermail that I'd like to preserve, so I'm
not looking for anything based on binaries.

The above is currently running on FreeBSD (that is 3 years old or so) and
I'm hoping to move it to Mac server (although not using their included
email), and hope to have a solution that will not make such a transition
more difficult.

I'd also like to keep existing mail flow with all users and their qmailadmin
settings, etc., so hopefully just a recompile that will preserve existing
functionality, something I can test live in the wee hours expecting no major

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.



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