I had a chance to buy a used pdp-8e from the physics department for "cheap".
I guess it was still a little too big for my tastes and the Apple II came
out about that time.  ;)

I guess we get away with such OT remarks 'cause there's so many of us
old-timers.  But really computers were more fun when they didn't do
everything so easily.  The crisply explicit does not engage the imagination.
Multi-user space wars (written by a friend) on a text terminal on a HP
realtime mini with 4 other players was, well, better than anything in gaming
that has happenned since.


On 8/3/12 5:37 AM, "Postmaster" <postmas...@gatworks.com> wrote:

> WHAT! - no pdp-8  :)
> On 08/03/12 06:52, Kurt Bigler wrote:
>> * After the UNIVAC 1108, the IBM 360, the PDP-11, and the Apple II, the Mac
>> was my next computer


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