Am Thu, 02 Aug 2012 17:47:33 -0700
schrieb Kurt Bigler <>:

> I run a small server currently with
>     qmail-1.03 + qmailadmin 1.2.8 + vpopmail 5.4.10

> The above is currently running on FreeBSD (that is 3 years old or so)
> and I'm hoping to move it to Mac server (although not using their
> included email), and hope to have a solution that will not make such
> a transition more difficult.
> I'd also like to keep existing mail flow with all users and their
> qmailadmin settings, etc., so hopefully just a recompile that will
> preserve existing functionality, something I can test live in the wee
> hours expecting no major issues.
> Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

I, too, have to ask:
Why, of all things, do you want to run it on OSX?

I would stick with FreeBSD and use Matt Simerson's setup:

There is nothing on OSX-server (that I know of) that would be of
advantage compared to FreeBSD.


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