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All of the discussion in the "Re: svn commit: 
r730210 - /incubator/vcl/branches/before-modularized-os/" thread about 
creating community made me realize one way to start building community is to 
have a round of introductions on the list.

I've been one of the primary developers (along with Aaron Peeler) of VCL since 
its creation in 2004.  I've always been focused on the php web frontend with 
small amounts of dabbling in the backend code.  We both worked as sysadmins 
for the IT group in NCSU's College of Engineering doing lots of different 
tasks when VCL started and eventually ended up moving to new positions to 
work strictly on VCL.

I've worked at NCSU since I graduated from here in 2001.  All of my web 
development has been in php.  I'm not much of a graphics designer, but enjoy 
focusing on how the internals work.  I've been in the open source world for 
many years, but haven't contributed much code to any projects before now.  
I'm excited about the move to ASF, but am a little overwhelmed by all there 
is to learn about the "ASF way".

On a personal note, I'm married with one kid and another on the way.  I'm very 
involved at my church (mainly on the tech team).  I also love wakeboarding.

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Josh Thompson
Systems Programmer
Virtual Computing Lab (VCL)
North Carolina State University


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