I am sorry for the naive question to come, but we figured out why our Windows XPs VMs are not powering on. In the deployed vmx file on ESXi, esx3-windowsxp-v0.vmx, memsize = 0:

  config.version = "8"
  virtualHW.version = "4"
  memsize = "0"
  displayName = "windowsxp-bl1"
  guestOS = "other"

  <deleted remaining>

This causes VMware ESXi to panic the VM with an ASSERT failure.

Our master configuration file shows it being 512 MB (memsize = "512"), and the slots appear to be configured for 512 MB as well. I suspect that memsize is not getting initialized, rather than overwritten, but I cannot trace where the object that is being given to esx.pm is originally generated. Perhaps in the reservation?


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