No virtual center is not required in any way for ESX 3i. When you say you're installing it for a month, do you mean you've downloaded the ESX3i .iso installer from vmware, burned it to a CD, and am installing it from the CD? ESX 3i has to be installed manually today, VCL cannot "deploy" the ESX 3i hypervisor onto bare metal through any provisioning technique (xcat, esx, etc ...).

xcat isn't well suited to managing ESX resources. This is why the ESX provisioning module ( was written to use the VMware API to drive VMware resources (ESX and ESX 3i). Are you using the module?


Brian Bouterse
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On Apr 15, 2009, at 10:51 PM, 杨杰 wrote:

I have been trying to install a VMware ESXi Server to a bare metal machine
for a month, but things are not going on well.
I am using VCL1.6+xCAT1.3 now. How could i make it in the current
environment ? In addition, i got from the vmware bbs that the virtual center is demanded to install the esxi automatically. Should i install the virtual
center ?

I got some information from the mail some days ago that the function of install esxi is not supported by xcat1.3 completely, and there would be a version of vcl which could support xcat2.1 recently. Is it right ? And when
or where could i get it ?

Thank you !

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