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I really think that before any more implementation design work is done toward 
long term restructuring, a lot of high level discussion and design work needs 
to be done.  It causes a fractured community if a few people in the community 
decide to redesign large parts of the codebase without having discussions 
about it on this list.


On Thursday May 14, 2009, Andrew Brown wrote:
> I've just made a clarification on the vcl experimental architecture
> document:
> In regards to the core's frontend API interface about values including
> image_id, ticket_id, and so fourth, the frontend needs to map which
> resource manager corresponds to those values, but they may or may not be
> unique. To solve this, it needs to be paired with its resource manager id.
> Here's how that will work:
> "Above" the core, i.e. in communication with a frontend, values such as
> image_id and ticket_id will be a tuple: (resource_manager_id, actual_id)
> "Below" the core, i.e. in communication with a resource manager, these
> values will be just a single integer.
> This way the core won't need to keep some kind of mapping (which wouldn't
> work anyways since the ids are only unique to a single resource manager)
> nor will it need to poll all resource managers for the right one. The
> frontend will be responsible for passing both values back to the core.
> -Andrew
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