I agree. There are much larger issues that need to be resolved before discussing implementation details in this forum.

I think it's great that the folks discussing the experimental architecture have identified areas where VCL can be improved and I would like to find a way for the community to efficiently and prudently incorporate them into VCL.

I would like to understand why these ideas can't be incrementally incorporated and tested into the current VCL codebase. I think this approach would have a much higher chance of success, no? Was this approach considered? If so, what were the barriers to this approach which couldn't be resolved?

It will be counterproductive if a developer has to choose one version or the other as the basis of his or her contributions. This will result in a split community. In addition, having 2 vastly different architectures under the VCL project will cause significant confusion. Agree?


Josh Thompson wrote:
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On Sunday May 17, 2009, Michael Brown wrote:
The wiki document for the experimental branch now suggests the use of a
database abstraction layer.  I propose the use of an object relational
mapper to accomplish this abstraction.  This has the advantage of being
extremely easy to use,  less code needs to be written, therefore fewer
errors will result.  The con to an object relational mapper is performence
during bulk database operations.  This should not be an issue because vcl
performs no large transactions.

Does the community agree that any future major proposals should include a
database abstraction layer using an object relational mapper because of the
above advantages?

This part of the community (me) doesn't agree with any implementation details of the so called "experimental branch" until we've had good discussion about problems with VCL in its current form and seriously looked at how those problems could be fixed without doing a complete rewrite. (I put "experimental branch" in quotes because a branch implies being a derivative work of trunk, but in this case it is a completely separate architecture designed without the input of those that developed the existing codebase.)

I suggest work on this "experimental branch" halt until the community can come together on this issue instead of being fractured any further.

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