On Oct 21, 2009, at 1:27 PM, Josh Thompson wrote:

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I created a release artifact based off of trunk. I copied trunk to a tag
under the tags area of the repo that is named release-2.1-RC1:


The artifact is an export from that tag. The artifact, MD5 and SHA1 sums, and
my GPG signature of it are available from my space on people.a.o:


The list of resolved JIRA issues associated with this release can be found on
the VCL 2.1 release page:


Installation instructions are on the Confluence site and in the INSTALLATION
file included in the artifact.

Aaron, Andy, and I have completed a test install of all parts and were able to
successfully create and capture a base image.

Please vote to publish this release.

(Question to mentors: Do I need to vote in a successive email in this thread,
or is this post an implicit vote?)

You should either include an explicit +1 in the initial vote email, or "reply" in another email. Either is acceptable. I kind of prefer a separate email, but that's just me...

Most votes will include a formal statement on what the vote is about. E.g.:

[ ] +1 yes, release VCL 2.1
[ ] 0 dunno
[ ] -1 no, don't release VCL 2.1 (provide reasons).

This is the strangest Apache "release" that I've ever seen... Taking some getting used to... I have some questions/comments. Haven't decided on my vote, yet.

* web/.ht-inc/conf.php contains references to Shibboleth and UNC. I assume that's holdover from VCL's origins.

* Instructions on installation, prereqs, etc should be clear that a user must determine the licensing of the technologies that you are requiring/referring to/downloading. It's not clear to me if that information is being conveyed. Clearly, you require GPL, LGPL, and microsoft proprietary artifacts. Wondering how much of this needs to flow through legal-discuss... Prolly Alan and Matt have thought about this already.

* managementnode/bin/install_perl_libs.pl will download install libraries, IIUC. What are the licenses of these artifacts? Users need to be made aware of what you are doing for them...


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