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On Oct 21, 2009, at 10:27 AM, Josh Thompson wrote:

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I created a release artifact based off of trunk. I copied trunk to a tag
under the tags area of the repo that is named release-2.1-RC1:


The artifact is an export from that tag. The artifact, MD5 and SHA1 sums, and
my GPG signature of it are available from my space on people.a.o:


The list of resolved JIRA issues associated with this release can be found on
the VCL 2.1 release page:


Installation instructions are on the Confluence site and in the INSTALLATION
file included in the artifact.

Aaron, Andy, and I have completed a test install of all parts and were able to
successfully create and capture a base image.

Please vote to publish this release.

(Question to mentors: Do I need to vote in a successive email in this thread,
or is this post an implicit vote?)

A different email is the custom.

The directory of the untared release is release-2.1-RC1. I would prefer apache-VCL-2.1-RC1-incubating.

I did a search through files for ncsu and found:

acabrera-mn:release-2.1-RC1 acabrera$ find . -type f -exec grep -iH NCSU {} \; ./managementnode/lib/VCL/Module/Provisioning/esxthin.pm: Brian Bouterse <bmbou...@ncsu.edu> ./web/.ht-inc/conf.php:$ENABLE_ITECSAUTH = 0; // use ITECS accounts (also called "Non-NCSU" accounts) ./web/.ht-inc/conf.php: "URL" => "https://federation.northcarolina.edu/wayf/wayf_framed.php?fed=FED_SHIB_UNC_DEV&version=dropdown&entityID=https%3A%2F%2Fvcl.ncsu.edu%2Fsp%2Fshibboleth&return=http%3A%2F%2Fvcl.ncsu.edu%2FShibboleth.sso%2FDS%3FSAMLDS%3D1%26target%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fvcl.ncsu.edu%2Fscheduling%2Fshibauth%2F ", ./web/.ht-inc/xmlrpc_example.php: $file = file_get_contents("https://vcl.ncsu.edu/scheduling/index.php?mode=xmlrpccall ", false, $context); ./web/.ht-inc/xmlrpcdocs/xmlrpc__example_8php-example.html: $file = file_get_contents(<span class="stringliteral">"https://vcl.ncsu.edu/scheduling/index.php?mode=xmlrpccall "</span>, <span class="keyword">false</span>, $context); ./web/.ht-inc/xmlrpcdocs/xmlrpcWrappers_8php.html: example: myuse...@ncsu<br>
./web/.ht-inc/xmlrpcWrappers.php: * example: myuser...@ncsu\n

I'm not sure if we, ASF VCL, has a policy about authors being in files. Some keep them in, others feel that it detracts from the community aspect of the project and after a while the distinction gets blurred after many people have hand their hands in the code. Up to you guys. In any case I think these references to ncsu might need to be scrubbed.

What is ITECS?

Kevan makes a few points:

* Instructions on installation, prereqs, etc should be clear that a user must determine the licensing of the technologies that you are requiring/referring to/downloading. It's not clear to me if that information is being conveyed. Clearly, you require GPL, LGPL, and microsoft proprietary artifacts. Wondering how much of this needs to flow through legal-discuss... Prolly Alan and Matt have thought about this already.

I was not aware of this. We need to get a full laundry list of what's require and why and probably vet it w. legal-disc...@. I agree w/ Kevan we should be upfront and in your face about these requirements. IIUC, maybe it belongs in the NOTICE file?

* managementnode/bin/install_perl_libs.pl will download install libraries, IIUC. What are the licenses of these artifacts? Users need to be made aware of what you are doing for them...



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