On Oct 27, 2009, at 10:34 AM, Josh Thompson wrote:

The directory of the untared release is release-2.1-RC1.  I would
prefer apache-VCL-2.1-RC1-incubating.

We'll do this again with an RC2.  I'll name the directory
apache-VCL-2.1-RC2-incubating for that one. However, I'll wait on closing this thread with a [RESULT] email until we've finished vetting what needs to
change to get a passing vote.

I did a search through files for ncsu and found:

acabrera-mn:release-2.1-RC1 acabrera$ find . -type f -exec grep -iH
NCSU {} \;
./managementnode/lib/VCL/Module/Provisioning/esxthin.pm: Brian
Bouterse <bmbou...@ncsu.edu>
./web/.ht-inc/conf.php:$ENABLE_ITECSAUTH = 0;     // use ITECS
accounts (also called "Non-NCSU" accounts)
./web/.ht-inc/conf.php:                      "URL" =>
_DEV&version=dropdown&entityID=https%3A%2F%2Fvcl.ncsu.edu%2Fsp %2Fshibboleth& return=http%3A%2F%2Fvcl.ncsu.edu%2FShibboleth.sso%2FDS%3FSAMLDS %3D1%26target
%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fvcl.ncsu.edu%2Fscheduling%2Fshibauth%2F ",
./web/.ht-inc/xmlrpc_example.php:       $file =
l ", false, $context);
$file = file_get_contents(<span
ccall "</span>, <span class="keyword">false</span>, $context);
./web/.ht-inc/xmlrpcdocs/xmlrpcWrappers_8php.html: example:
./web/.ht-inc/xmlrpcWrappers.php: * example: myuser...@ncsu\n

I'm not sure if we, ASF VCL, has a policy about authors being in
files.  Some keep them in, others feel that it detracts from the
community aspect of the project and after a while the distinction gets
blurred after many people have hand their hands in the code.  Up to
you guys.  In any case I think these references to ncsu might need to
be scrubbed.

What is ITECS?

ITECS is a department at NCSU. I wrote a web based accounts system for them some time ago that could be used with any php web app. In the future, I'll be rolling that system in to Apache VCL. It is disabled in the code right now. I'd prefer not to remove all references to it, delaying this release, and then turn around and add it back (with appropriately renamed variables)
in an upcoming release.

I think that might fly.

What about the ncsu references?

Also, what does the group feel about having author tags?

Kevan makes a few points:
* Instructions on installation, prereqs, etc should be clear that a
user must determine the licensing of the technologies that you are
requiring/referring to/downloading. It's not clear to me if that
information is being conveyed. Clearly, you require GPL, LGPL, and
microsoft proprietary artifacts. Wondering how much of this needs to
flow through legal-discuss... Prolly Alan and Matt have thought
about this already.

I was not aware of this. We need to get a full laundry list of what's
require and why and probably vet it w. legal-disc...@.  I agree w/
Kevan we should be upfront and in your face about these requirements.
IIUC, maybe it belongs in the NOTICE file?

The list will have an opinion on this if it's not already written somewhere.

* managementnode/bin/install_perl_libs.pl will download install
libraries, IIUC. What are the licenses of these artifacts? Users
need to be made aware of what you are doing for them...


My understanding that this is being taken care of and will most likely be merged w/ the effort above.


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