Hello wise and busy VCL folks.  (This might better belong on the VCL-User list, 
but it doesn't seem very, uh, used right now.)

I'm trying yet again to set up a demo VCL system, and it occurred to me to ask 
a fundamental question.  I'm putting all VCL-related services - database, web 
server, management node and VMware virtual machines on the same physical 
machine - an ordinary PC - 4 AMD cores, 10GB RAM - running 64-bit CentOS 5.4.  
Is there any reason why this can't be made to work,?  If so, please tell me 
now, before I fail again.  If not, I'll redouble my efforts, and maybe post a 
few more questions here.

Thanks in advance for your generous replies,



Terry McGuire
Junior Analyst, Research Support Group
Academic Information & Communication Technologies (AICT)
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada  T6G 2H1
Phone:  780-492-9422

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