Hello Terry,
It looks like there are some configuration details which aren't set regarding your VM and the VM host server it resides on.

Each VM is assigned to a VM host, and each VM host is assigned a "VM Profile". The error you included indicates that the VM host's profile is not set. To check this: -Click on "Virtual Hosts". Do you see the host you're using in the list under "Select a Virtual Host"? -If yes, select it and click "Configure Host". What do you see next to "VM Profile"? -If no, then your host was not correctly set to the vmhostinuse state and assigned a VM Profile. This will require some DB manipulation. I can provide instructions if you send some table dumps (listed later).

If your VM host appears to correctly have a VM Profile assigned to it, the problem could also be the result of your VM not being assigned to a VM host. To check this: -Click on "Virtual Hosts". Select the host you are using and then click "Configure Host". Is the VM you are using is assigned to the host?

It will be helpful if you include some database entries after your image capture fails:
SELECT * FROM request
SELECT * FROM reservation
SELECT * FROM computer
SELECT * FROM vmhost
SELECT * FROM vmprofile

Also, please include a chunk of your log file output with 4 or 5 warning messages. There should be a point when several WARNING messages appear. Incude the output beginning about 10 lines before the slew of WARNINGS appear until the request fails.


Terry McGuire wrote:
Hello kind and generous VCL folks.  I've now built my VCL demo server for the 
third time, but I'm still hitting snags when I try to capture a base image.  
Here's a snippet of vcld's log:

2010-01-26 12:02:54|30123|1:1|image|image.pm:process(161)|calling provisioning 
module's capture() subroutine

|30123|1:1|image| ---- WARNING ---- |30123|1:1|image| 2010-01-26 12:02:54|30123|1:1|image|DataStructure.pm:_automethod(675)|corresponding data has not been initialized for get_vmhost_type_name: $self->request_data->{reservation}{1}{computer}{vmhost}{vmprofile}{vmtype}{name}
|30123|1:1|image| ( 0) utils.pm, notify (line: 737)
|30123|1:1|image| (-1) DataStructure.pm, _automethod (line: 675)
|30123|1:1|image| (-2) Autoload.pm, __ANON__ (line: 80)
|30123|1:1|image| (-3) vmware.pm, capture (line: 1152)
|30123|1:1|image| (-4) image.pm, process (line: 162)
|30123|1:1|image| (-5) vcld, make_new_child (line: 594)
|30123|1:1|image| (-6) vcld, main (line: 341)

After this come many more warnings and, not surprisingly, failure.  Clearly, 
I'm missing something.  Anyone have any ideas?  I'll happily provide whatever 
additional info required to sort this out.

Terry McGuire

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