The Install Path is the top level location for the image repository that is mounted on the management node

The provisioning modules use different paths under the Install Path.

vmware modules make use of /install/vmware_images
xcat modules /install/images/{x86|x86_64}

So in this case it should be set to /install and on your management node for the vmware images you should have a directory /install/vmware_images


--On January 21, 2010 2:09:03 PM -0700 Terry McGuire <> wrote:

Hello learned and patient VCL folks.  Newbie install question:

I'm continuing to (re)build my all-in-one demo VCL server.  I'll be using
VMware server for the compute nodes.  When configuring the management
node, what would I put for "Install Path"?  Is this the path to VMware's
virtual machine directory?  If not, can I pick something arbitrarily?

Thanks in advance for your response.

Terry McGuire

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