Hello Justin,


For the most part the vcl api is currently setup for the backend calls, or
a third party app to request a VCL resource, manage users, etc, so it's
currently supporting incoming api calls.

There might be a better way but my first thought is that a new perl
provisioning module could be created to make the api calls to EC2 or some
other cloud/cluster to accomplish this.

In addition to adding a provisioning module, the vcl database would need
to have placeholders for EC2/Eucalyptus computer resources, so it would
know what/how many compute nodes are available, etc.


> Hello VCL dev team,
> My name is Justin, and I am currently researching VCL for academic
> purposes
> and attempting to set up a potential testing environment based on the
> tutorial
> here<https://cwiki.apache.org/VCL/configuring-a-standalone-vmware-vcl-environment.html>.
> I was wondering, is it possible to set up a different back end, such as
> Eucalyptus or EC2 using the current web interface? (I noticed one of the
> features is "API support for making requests and provisioning resources",
> so
> maybe the Amazon API can be used?)
>  Also, I am installing this on Ubuntu 9.10 and apparently I have to
> rebuild
> the Linux kernel to install VMware... does this seem correct?
> - Justin

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