Hi VCL team and Justin,

I am Xianqing, and NC state unviersity student. I just finish the project which porting the VCL to EC2. What I am doing is added the new provisioning module ec2.pm and modify 5 lines of vcl code in image.pm. The new module will use the EC2 api to manage virutal machine. You can use VCL interface to make the reservation, update the image, and create the new image. Welcome to ask any questions about that?

Hi VCL team,

I would like to contribute the new module to the VCL incubator in next few days. I submitted ICLA, so the next step to contribute my code is post it on the JIRA, right? Is there anythings else I have to do?



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Hello Justin,


For the most part the vcl api is currently setup for the backend calls, or
a third party app to request a VCL resource, manage users, etc, so it's
currently supporting incoming api calls.

There might be a better way but my first thought is that a new perl
provisioning module could be created to make the api calls to EC2 or some
other cloud/cluster to accomplish this.

In addition to adding a provisioning module, the vcl database would need
to have placeholders for EC2/Eucalyptus computer resources, so it would
know what/how many compute nodes are available, etc.


Hello VCL dev team,

My name is Justin, and I am currently researching VCL for academic
and attempting to set up a potential testing environment based on the

I was wondering, is it possible to set up a different back end, such as
Eucalyptus or EC2 using the current web interface? (I noticed one of the
features is "API support for making requests and provisioning resources",
maybe the Amazon API can be used?)
 Also, I am installing this on Ubuntu 9.10 and apparently I have to
the Linux kernel to install VMware... does this seem correct?

- Justin

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