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Sent: Monday, June 21, 2010 11:11 AM
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Subject: Re: Short question - VCL backend

Hello Xianqing,

This sounds really cool! I am actually in the process of setting up a test
environment on a single physical machine, but i hit a roadblock with VMware
(compatibility issues). I was able to get VCL(DB, front end, mgt. node) up
and running, and am able to access the front end via localhost.

I am hoping to have more success with your provisioning module. I actually
have a eucalyptus private cloud set up already. I have used the HybridFox
FireFox plug-in - overall it is pretty good, but the VCL front end is more
desirable. Since the EC2 API is the same as the Eucalyptus API, I should be
able to access this private cloud "availability zone", to perform the
operations you described, right?

Yes, I think so. But you probably need to correctly configure some globe environment variables, so EC2 API can be used when commands are called in the perl code.

I would like to begin testing as soon as it is released - does this involve simply replacing the modified files you described? (or a fresh VCL install).

You just need a freash VCL install, and then replace one module of VCL code. I will specify inside the JIRA later.

- Justin

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