Geronimo had similar issues where they needed to include jars from other 
projects so that they could have a repeatable build process.  Take for 
instance, a customer that is trying to build the project 10 years from now 
(unlikely but that is the thought).  

They included the tar balls for Dojo in a place called repository which 
contained the artifacts in question.  See the following reference:

On Sep 16, 2010, at 2:12 PM, Josh Thompson wrote:

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> I have a question about bundling 3rd party software in the release artifact.  
> I'm planning to include the Dojo Toolkit in the artifact.  It is released 
> under the Academic Free License.  I've done what is needed with the LICENSE 
> and NOTICE files.
> What I can't find information about is if it should be added to subversion.  
> I 
> don't see a need to have it there.  I was just planning on adding it in after 
> doing the svn export of the release tagged code.  However, I seem to remember 
> something about the contents of the artifact needing to exactly match an 
> export of the release tag.
> So, do I need to add the Dojo Toolkit code to subversion or not?
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> Josh
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