On Friday September 17, 2010, Kevan Miller wrote:
> On Sep 17, 2010, at 10:52 AM, Josh Thompson wrote:
> > So, it just needs to be somewhere in the repo to ensure it is always
> > available, but it doesn't actually have to be part of the release tag
> > such that an export of the release tag includes it?  My plan was to
> > actually include it in the release already untarred and in place to
> > remove a few steps of the installation.
> The source distribution archive is your "release". Though svn tags
> typically mirror the source distribution, this is not a requirement.
> Many java-based projects use maven for managing binary dependencies. So,
> neither svn nor the source distribution contain all of the binary
> dependencies of the project. The resources that Matt pointed out in the
> Geronimo project are resources that were not available via maven. So, they
> exist to circumvent some other problems...
> IMO, you aren't required to have the original artifact in svn. Though it
> might well be something the project wants to do. In either case, the
> general process should be documented for posterity. I would expect that
> this documentation would be included in svn (and the source distribution).
> --kevan

Kevan and Matt - thanks for the info.  I added instructions to


on downloading and including Dojo Toolkit in the section that explains how to 
create the RC.

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