On Sep 17, 2010, at 10:52 AM, Josh Thompson wrote:

> So, it just needs to be somewhere in the repo to ensure it is always 
> available, but it doesn't actually have to be part of the release tag such 
> that an export of the release tag includes it?  My plan was to actually 
> include it in the release already untarred and in place to remove a few steps 
> of the installation.

The source distribution archive is your "release". Though svn tags typically 
mirror the source distribution, this is not a requirement.

Many java-based projects use maven for managing binary dependencies. So, 
neither svn nor the source distribution contain all of the binary dependencies 
of the project. The resources that Matt pointed out in the Geronimo project are 
resources that were not available via maven. So, they exist to circumvent some 
other problems...

IMO, you aren't required to have the original artifact in svn. Though it might 
well be something the project wants to do. In either case, the general process 
should be documented for posterity. I would expect that this documentation 
would be included in svn (and the source distribution). 


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