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So, I was able to get the VCL to capture & restore the images on to the Power7 
blade without any errors. The VCL web portal shows the Power7 node being loaded 
with the captured image. I was looking for some clarification with a couple of 

1. The web portal shows "Selection currently not available" when I intend to 
make a reservation on the Power7 blade that I have been working with all this 

2. Once the image is loaded onto the blade, I am able to login from the 
management node without a password. However, when I am using rcons to login as 
root on the Power7 blade, it does not accept the root password I had used 
during the OS installation. Does the root password get reset to a default one? 
I was checking vcl/lib/VCL/Module/OS/Linux.pm if that is the case.

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On Jul 7, 2011, at 2:03 PM, Josh Thompson wrote:

> This and your next question are both deeper into the backend code that I've 
> worked with.  Andy or Aaron may be able to answer your questions further.
> Josh

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