I can respond to #1.

I think you just have a permissions or mapping problem, but it may be 
something deeper.  Please double check the following things through the web 

-make sure the image is in an image group
-make sure the image group is mapped to a computer group containing computers 
that are in the available state, have platformid set to the same thing it is 
set to for the image, and have RAM, procnumber, procspeed, and network greater 
than or equal to those settings for the image
-make sure your user account has imageCheckOut at a node where the image group 
and computer group are available
-make sure the computer group is mapped to a management node group that 
contains a management node that is actively checking in
-make sure the computers in the computer group have a schedule assigned that 
is available during the time you have selected

If all of that is correct, you'll need to look at isAvailable in utils.php to 
see where it is returning something < 1.


On Tue August 2 2011 2:17:59 pm Sunil Venkatesh wrote:
> Hi Josh,
> So, I was able to get the VCL to capture & restore the images on to the
> Power7 blade without any errors. The VCL web portal shows the Power7 node
> being loaded with the captured image. I was looking for some clarification
> with a couple of things.
> 1. The web portal shows "Selection currently not available" when I intend
> to make a reservation on the Power7 blade that I have been working with
> all this while.
> 2. Once the image is loaded onto the blade, I am able to login from the
> management node without a password. However, when I am using rcons to
> login as root on the Power7 blade, it does not accept the root password I
> had used during the OS installation. Does the root password get reset to a
> default one? I was checking vcl/lib/VCL/Module/OS/ if that is the
> case.
> Thanks & Regards,
> Sunil
> On Jul 7, 2011, at 2:03 PM, Josh Thompson wrote:
> > This and your next question are both deeper into the backend code that
> > I've worked with.  Andy or Aaron may be able to answer your questions
> > further.
> > 
> > Josh
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