Are you running Web server and VCLD/mysql on different servers? 
I had the same problem when I split web front-end server and vcld/mysql server 
on two different machines and time was out-of-sync between servers. After I 
used ntpd to sync time, I was able to make reservation.


On Dec 1, 2011, at 15:05 , Pablo J. Rebollo-Sosa wrote:

> I'm able to get the image done by following the VMWare directions.  Now I'm 
> stuck when trying to do a reservation.  The following message appears:
>   The time you have requested to use the environment is not available.
>   You may select from the green blocks of time to select an available
>   time slot to make a reservation.
> All the time blocks are green but there is no way to reserve the resource.
> Any suggestion?
> Pablo
> On 11/8/11 7:20 PM, David Hutchins wrote:
>> Follow the same directions as the VMWare setup as far as installing OS and 
>> software. Easiest way I have found, is to just create the image using vbox 
>> on your desktop. Create it with two network interfaces. The VCL module only 
>> needs the vdi file, as the machine configuration is generated during 
>> provisioning.
>> On Nov 7, 2011 2:06 PM, "Pablo J. Rebollo-Sosa" <pablo.rebo...@upr.edu> 
>> wrote:
>> I'm trying to setup a VCL demo using Virtualbox.  From the documentation it 
>> is not clear how to do that.  I'm stuck in how to create an image using 
>> Virtualbox.  I would appreciate any help regards to Virtualbox and VCL.
>> Pablo

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