I wanted to know how are people dealing with software licensing for VCL?
Does anyone have a document or information on how they are dealing with the
different vendors when it comes to VCL.

For example with Microsoft you are using 1 license for each virtual machine
you spin up in a Windows environment.
Do you have one per user base? Is this for concurrent users?
Are you able to split up lab licensing for in house software to be used in
the VCL? Do the companies know you are doing this?
Does anyone have an agreement with any vendors that goes within the current
VCL licensing that they are using?

If someone has like an overview or general information on how you
are licensing the VCL for educational use; that would be very helpful.

We are starting to run into licensing walls and I would love some inside
information from someone who has gone through this.

Alex  Patterson
User Support Services
Operating System Analyst
California State University, East Bay

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