I had done some research with Microsoft when we were first looking into 
starting our VCL.

In order to access the virtual machines you have to have a VDA license (Virtual 
Desktop Access) as well as the Windows license. As you said, the Windows 
license is covered under the Campus License Agreement but the VDA license 
usually isn't.  If you are using something other than Microsoft's VDI for 
virtualization you also need RDS CAL (Remote Desktop Services Client Access 

The VDA licenses were about $13 per student and the RDS CAL were about $11 if 
purchased separately, or the RDS CAL could be added to a campus license 
agreement at about $5.00 per (our situation was that our Campus License 
Agreement covered all students for the whole Institute but we're only looking 
at having the VCL at a remote campus which is why I had looked at both 
options). The RDS CAL was also available as a perpetual license for about $19 
(valid only for that version of server currently in use - new licenses would 
have to be purchased when back end servers were upgraded to a new OS version).

For approximately 500 students I think the Microsoft Licensing would cost 
approximately $16K per year.

This is a huge issue and it was even worse before 2010 July 1 when M$ switched 
to the VDA license. Things might have changed as virtualized environments have 
continued to become more prevalent. But I would certainly check with the 
Microsoft rep for sure.

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From: Alexander Patterson [mailto:alexander.patter...@csueastbay.edu]
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Subject: Re: VCL software licensing

Hello Michael,

We have %100 of the same model that you are using, we are working on getting 
everything into complacency and we are running into big walls starting with 
Microsoft for copies of the OS that is running on the VCL.

Have you talked with Microsoft and do they know you are using the VCL to 
install virtual instances of the Microsoft product into a Virtual machine 
environment? We are in talks with Microsoft and they want to charge us X more 
for doing this, it could lead to the end of our pilot. We have the same campus 
license that you have and just wanted more insight if anyone has worked closer 
to the vendors to work on a VCL licensing for software

On Wed, Mar 7, 2012 at 10:55 AM, Waldron, Michael H 
<mwald...@email.unc.edu<mailto:mwald...@email.unc.edu>> wrote:

In our case, we really haven't had to do anything special in regards to 

For Microsoft products, we have a campus license which allows us to install on 
any University-owned systems using the campus site key.

For many applications we have network license servers, so the VCL images with 
that software point to the license servers to get licenses.

For all other licenses we have, the license is for a specific number of seats, 
not specific computers, so we just set the maximum concurrent usage setting on 
the image to the number of licenses there are for the application.


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From: Alexander Patterson 
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Subject: VCL software licensing

I wanted to know how are people dealing with software licensing for VCL? Does 
anyone have a document or information on how they are dealing with the 
different vendors when it comes to VCL.

For example with Microsoft you are using 1 license for each virtual machine you 
spin up in a Windows environment.
Do you have one per user base? Is this for concurrent users?
Are you able to split up lab licensing for in house software to be used in the 
VCL? Do the companies know you are doing this?
Does anyone have an agreement with any vendors that goes within the current VCL 
licensing that they are using?

If someone has like an overview or general information on how you are licensing 
the VCL for educational use; that would be very helpful.

We are starting to run into licensing walls and I would love some inside 
information from someone who has gone through this.

Alex  Patterson
User Support Services
Operating System Analyst
California State University, East Bay

Alex  Patterson
User Support Services
Operating System Analyst
California State University, East Bay

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