On 02/08/09 07:11, Ron Halstead wrote:
> Aaron,
> I didn't mean to come off as impolite. Life goes on. It is now nv_107 and 1 
> 1/2 months later. I followed the procedure in this thread but ALT L f2 still 
> does nothing. I am using a Microsoft Wireless Desktop Elite keyboard (how 
> pretentious). Could that be the problem. Unfortunately, I don't have a normal 
> keyboard, only wireless. What is the proper keystroke sequence. I assume it 
> is "Hold down the Alt key, press ell, then press f2. If that is incorrect, 
> please advise.

Alt(L) + F2 means the left Alt key plus F2 key, I believe that's the problem.
If you've used Linux, the same key sequence.

Please have a try.

P.S it only happens on text console mode, the X server support has not been 
finished yet.


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