Aaron wrote: 

vtdaemon is invoked with option "k" which means it must not respond to hotkeys.
So please please refresh && restart vtdaemon. I guess Fast-boot does some trick 
not to refresh SMF repository so that it is "fast".


  No something else is wrong  .   Even when cold booting my two PC's, 
 vtdaemon is started with the -K option . despite the options.hotkeys=true 
 even though  the /lib/svc/method/vtdaemon  script  is supposed to 
 check for  hotkeys = false  before adding -K  to the args. 

  #  svcprop -p options/hotkeys system/vtdaemon 

  returns   " true"   

 despite this  ;

  #  ps -ef  | grep vtdaemon 


  /usr/lib/vtdaemon -k -c 16 

So  when I do 

#   svcadm disable  vtdaemon 
#  /usr/lib/vtdaemon -c 16  & 

 I have a  Working  Virtual console system.  and the hotkeys  WORK ! 

SO my conclusion is that in BUILD 101  there is a BUG  in SMF somewhere 
that prevents the /lib/svc/method/vtdaemon  script from 
working properly.

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