On 10/21/08 23:08, Alan Coopersmith wrote:
> I am getting ready to publish test binaries of Xorg 1.5 for our
> upcoming switch to it - can I get the source changes you made in
> your Xorg test binary so I can include those changes in our test
> binaries as well?

What is this Xorg 1.5 test binary for? Is it for the testing of
official release of Xorg 1.5 in Solaris?
So my understanding is that the test binary should include exactly
what is or going to be in Xorg 1.5. Will the switching happen in
build 105? I am not sure Xorg VT support would be ready for
integration before 105.

And our experimental binary is just the one we used to test the
kernel. It's based on the assumption that virtual console support
is available and vtdaemon service is enabled. The code needs to
be enhanced to function well in any kind of situation, i.e. the
system does not support virtual console or vtdaemon service is
disabled, more importantly, dealing with the state changes
So I really do not think putting this somewhat immature code
in your testing binary is a good idea.
Anyway, it's up to you.


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