Aaron Zang wrote:
> On 10/22/08 10:08, Alan Coopersmith wrote:
>> Okay, people will just have to choose between testing Xorg 1.5 and
>> testing VT's then.   Thanks for the info.
> Alan,
> Actually we are considering to integrate our VT support directly to
> the community Xorg code base to avoid later patch maintenance which
> will happen if we only integrate it into internal Xorg base.
> I think it is a better practice.

Absolutely.   We'd like as much as possible upstream because resyncing for
every release is costly if we've got too much divergence - that's what killed
Xsun in the end, since it had diverged so far we could no longer resync with
the community code base.   We do put things into our code base that we need
ahead of when the community does a release with them, but then resyncing
is simply removing our patches when the next community release comes out, and
I expect VT support will be one of those, so we don't wait until Xorg 1.6
comes out and can have it in 2009.04.

> And suggestions? And any advice on the process?

Well, you'll have to work with X.Org's designated Solaris port maintainer,
which fortunately for you, is me.   Once you have the code ready, you can
send it to me for review & committing to the community gate.

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