Aaron Zang wrote:
> On 10/21/08 23:08, Alan Coopersmith wrote:
>> I am getting ready to publish test binaries of Xorg 1.5 for our
>> upcoming switch to it - can I get the source changes you made in
>> your Xorg test binary so I can include those changes in our test
>> binaries as well?
> What is this Xorg 1.5 test binary for? Is it for the testing of
> official release of Xorg 1.5 in Solaris?
> So my understanding is that the test binary should include exactly
> what is or going to be in Xorg 1.5. Will the switching happen in
> build 105? I am not sure Xorg VT support would be ready for
> integration before 105.

Yes, it's for testing upgrading the Solaris Xorg from the current
community 1.3 base plus Sun additions to a community 1.5 base plus
Sun additions.   We're hoping to integrate before build 105, but
don't have an exact target date right now.

> And our experimental binary is just the one we used to test the
> kernel. It's based on the assumption that virtual console support
> is available and vtdaemon service is enabled. The code needs to
> be enhanced to function well in any kind of situation, i.e. the
> system does not support virtual console or vtdaemon service is
> disabled, more importantly, dealing with the state changes
> dynamically.
> So I really do not think putting this somewhat immature code
> in your testing binary is a good idea.

Okay, people will just have to choose between testing Xorg 1.5 and
testing VT's then.   Thanks for the info.

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