VConsole Community,

What is the current status of the vconsole project?  The latest download 
available is based on b66, which appears to be outdated now.

I'm relatively new to Solaris and suspect the problems I experienced were 
due to my lack of Solaris knowledge.  I tried applying the b66 based BFU 
vconsole update to a later version of OpenSolaris, I think it was b74, 
with partial success.  I got a few errors about some missing symbols in 
kernel modules after rebooting.  I was able to switch from X to virtual 
consoles and back again.  But, output from fullscreen apps, such as the 
Alpine mail reader, was mangled in the various virtual consoles.

I'm currently running Indiana under VMware.  Is there any plans to 
integrate vconsole functionality into Indiana or provide a vconsole 
package that can be installed on Indiana?

Bruceville, TX

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