Darren J Moffat wrote:
> LingBo Tang wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> There is a proposal for "active link node" in VT.
>> Your comments are greatly appreciated!
> I don't understand what you are trying to say here.
> Please clearly state what the problem is you are trying to solve.

OK, I add some background.
In solaris, logindevperm(4) will set ownership/permission on
console devices for login users. The console devices are defined
in /etc/logindevperm. Its format looks like:

/dev/console     0600     /dev/sound/*

This means all devices under /dev/sound are treated as console device
for /dev/console.
During a user login on /dev/console, all devices in /dev/sound/
will be set as mode=0600 and their ownership will be set as the
login user.

This works well because there is only one local login device
/dev/console available.
But after virtual console is available, there will be some additional VT
devices for login, these devices are under /dev/vt.
The users can choose to login on anyone of VT devices or /dev/console.

In order to process logindevperm(4) when user logged in on VT
devices, we need to expand the process of logindevperm(4).
In order to make the configuration file /etc/logindevperm more
meaningful after our expansion, we suggest to replace the name
/dev/console with /dev/vt/active. The new format looks like:

/dev/vt/active     0600     /dev/sound/*

Therefore, it's easier to understand that the logindevperm(4) will
be used on active login devices, not only be used for /dev/console.
For application, like devfsadmd(1M), it can retrieve information
from /dev/vt/active when it sets the ownership on plug-in devices.


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