Dear all,

There is a proposal for "active link node" in VT.
Your comments are greatly appreciated!

replace "/dev/console" with "/dev/vt/active" in  /etc/logindevperm as below:

/dev/console  0600  /dev/sound/*

will be changed as:

/dev/vt/active 0600 /dev/sound/*

1. /dev/vt/active may be a little more straightforward for users.
This means the logindevperm(4) will take effect on active VT nodes.
Meanwhile, because only one user can take the ownership, the policy
also will follow first-login-first-serve way for multiple users.

This will not change usage of libdevinfo interfaces:

2. For new plug-in devices in this file, their user/group ID can be
retrieved from active node pointed by /dev/vt/active in devfsadmd(1M).
Currently, devfsadmd stat(2) on /dev/console for plug-in devices.

3. VT active link node is a symlink file pointing to the file
under /dev. Its default target is /dev/console.
After a VT switch, the target will point to the new active node.

Thanks in advance for your time!


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